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Want to learn more about a Classical and Christian approach to Education? We recommend the following resources: 

Video Resources


Geronimo, Amen! Part 1                                                         Geronimo, Amen! Part 2

Books, Essays, and Articles: 

What is Classical Christian Education? 

The Lost Tools of Learning, Dorothy Sayers

What is Classical Christian Education, Veritas Academy

An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents, Christopher Perrin

Top 10 Reasons to Study Latin, Cheryl Lowe

Recovering the lost tools of learning

Repairing the ruins, Douglas Wilson

The Case for Classical Christian Education, Douglas Wilson

The well-trained mind, Susan Wise Bauer

The Core, Leigh Bortins

The Question, Leigh Bortins

Wisdom and eloquence: A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning, Littlejohn & Evans

The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Classical Christian Education, Clark & Jain

Susan Wise Bauer, The Well-Educated Mind

Norms and Nobility, David Hicks

The Liberal Arts Tradition, Bruce A. Kimball

The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis

On Secular Education, R.L. Dabney

The Seven Laws of Teaching, John Milton Gregory

John Senior, The Restoration of Christian Culture

The Paideia proposal, Mortimer J. Adler

Climbing Parnassus, Tracy Lee Simmons

On Christian Doctrine, St. Augustine

Our History

In 1848 Dr. J. B. Johnston started Logan County's first classical Christian school. Geneva Hall, as it was called, started in his study and grew to become Geneva College. In 1879 it moved to Beaver Falls, PA, where it continues to thrive today. We stand in this legacy of excellent Classical Christian Education. 

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