Q. Is Geneva Academy part of a particular church or denomination?

A. No. We are an autonomous academy governed by a board of directors comprised of members of various churches and denominations. We welcome students and families from any church or denomination as long as they are able to affirm our statement of faith

Q. Is Geneva Academy for homeschoolers?

A. Because we are committed to the family's role in the education of children, there is a role and responsibility for families to fulfill in our collaborative model. But it is not traditional homeschooling. Parents will act as tutors to younger children, helping them complete their lessons and assignments on their days at home. For older, more independent students, parents will as guides and mentors, engaging in discussion and oversight of their work at home. Any family may participate in our program. 

Q. Is Geneva Academy a homeschool co-op?

A. In a co-op, parents volunteer to teach a limited number of core classes once per week, while the rest of the student's curriculum is completed at home the rest of the week. We provide a full curriculum and instructors who handle the bulk of the teaching and prepare lessons and assignments to be completed on the student's days at home. 

Q. Can homeschool students take a la cart classes? 

A. Yes. Any of our classes in 4th-12th grade can be taken a la carte without enrolling in the full curriculum. 

Q. Is there an option for students to attend 5 days per week?

A. The academy does not provide any study halls or childcare on the days students are not in class.  

Q. Which grades are offered? 

A. Our program is for students in grades 1-12. We do not have a kindergarten at this time, so students entering our program must already have a foundation in reading and writing. Since we are in the initial phase of a start-up academy, we will combine grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. This will enable one teacher to employ a one-room schoolhouse approach to most of the curriculum, while some subjects such as math will be provided for each grade level. 

Q. Is Geneva Academy a charter school?

A. No. As a private academy, we have no connection with the State or Federal government.

Q. Do you accept Ohio Ed Choice funding?

A. No. Because we want to maintain the freedom to pursue our educational philosophy without government constraint, we also must maintain our independence from State and Federal funding. We strive to keep our tuition as affordable as possible. 

Q. Is Financial Aid available?

A. Yes. During the application process, a family may apply for financial aid.  

Q. Do you have State certified teachers?

A. State teacher certification is not a requirement for our teachers since it is a certification in a method of education we do not teach. Read our About page to understand the difference between Progressive Education and Classical Christian Education. Our teachers receive training approved by the Association of Classical and Christian Schools

Q. Is Geneva Academy accredited?

A. We are a member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools and will pursue accreditation according to their accreditation standards and timeline. 

Our History

In 1848 Dr. J. B. Johnston started Logan County's first classical Christian school. Geneva Hall, as it was called, started in his study and grew to become Geneva College. In 1879 it moved to Beaver Falls, PA, where it continues to thrive today. We stand in this legacy of excellent Classical Christian Education.